Studio 5, Segment #2 – Garden Organic Parties

We just wrapped up our second segment with Studio 5 and it was another hit!

I have to say the first go-around, we went a little overboard and had WAY to much stuff to display.  Now that we got our feet wet, this time went a little smoother and the process was a lot more enjoyable.

Our focus was on how to pull together an organic summer garden party or wedding, using a lot of natural elements such as moss, rocks, burlap, tree stumps, branches, and dried gourds.  We also added some tarts, with home grown berries and a veggie box.  These items are inexpensive and a great way to decorate for a rustic look.


We established a DIY beverage bar concept, which we demonstrated on the show.  We repurposed these soda bottles by filling them with our favorite Lime Rickey drink, adding a cute printed sleeve, and soaking the fabric in wax to create a seal.  After tying it off with some thin jute we added a decorative straw and a darling tag.

These bottles can be washed and used all over again!



We re-invented the standard veggie tray displaying the vegetables standing up in this wood box and adding some pretty garnish!


If your looking to bring the a mountain setting in your own backyard we rent out this log table top collection.  You can put anything on these log pieces including candles, mason jars, food items.  Your imagination is really the limit on the endless ways you can decorate with this darling wood pieces, which is have in various shapes and sizes.


Adding moss to your decor softens up the overall look and feel of your event and pulls in the outdoor surroundings to your table.


Brooke makes filming so easy!  Its like giving your girlfriend staging advice instead of being on TV with 40K+ viewers!


Love my partner in crime Jodi.  Just before we went on air I was chatting with Brooke.  Jodi gave me the heads up my wax was burning on the stove! What in the world would I do without her?

Also, special thanks to Ruth Gledhill for the innovative beverage bar concept and our amazing caterer Pat Wilkins for the mini-berry tarts and the darling veggie tray!  Love working with these talented, creative and successful ladies!